Officers and Board Members

Business Manager & Representatives

Business Manager & Financial Secretary-TreasurerJim Paquette
Assistant Business ManagerRichard Mangelsdorf
Business RepresentativeTroy Clutchey
Business RepresentativeVacant
OrganizerSteve Davis

Health & Benefits Administration

Administrator:John Courtney

Pension Plan Trustees

Paul DanielsLen Mueller (Austin Metal Fabricators Ltd.)
Jeff LindMark McLaren (Ridge Sheet Metal Ltd.)
Jim PaquetteTony Caputo (Eby & Sons)

Health Benefit Trustees

Richard MangelsdorfPhil McDonald (Summit Sheet Metal)
Jim PaquetteCraig Benson (Paramount Sheet Metal Ltd.)
Steven DavisDanny Jay (Austin Metal Fabricators)

Apprenticeship & Training Office
Sheet Metal Workers’ Training Centre

19077 – 95A Avenue  Surrey, B.C.  V4N 4P3


Apprenticeship & Training Coordinator

Training Coordinator:Jud Martell
Chief Instructor:Bob Pascuzzi

Sheet Metal Industry Training Board

Troy ClutcheyPaul Charbonneau (Cascade Metal Design Ltd.)
Joseph PonsartKevin Taylor (City Sheet Metal Ltd.)
Jim PaquetteMark Kuelle (Austin Metal Fabricators Limited Partnership)
Steven DavisAaron Smith (Smith Sheet Metal Ltd.)

Joint Apprenticeship Committee of the Roofing Industry (JACRI)

Jim PaquetteAlex Goldie (Admiral Roofing Ltd.)
Vern HendersonTony Caputo (Eby & Sons)
Ron LaceyPhilip Filleul (Alpha Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc)

Local Union Officers

President:Jud Martell
Vice-President:Owin Baxter
Recording Secretary:Jason Leigh
Business Manager & Financial Secretary-TreasurerJim Paquette
Conductor:Sandford Kinisky
Warden:Andrew Hof

Executive Board

President:Jud Martell
Vice-President:Owin Baxter
Recording Secretary:Jason Leigh
Business Manager/FSTJim Paquette
Member:Steven Davis
Member:Nick Dyson
Member:Avery Martins
Member:Casey McGuire
Member:Adam Selnes
Member:Derek Robinson
Member:Dan McCully
Member:Nick Rowley
Member (Roofer Section):Scott Redpath
Member (Roofer Section):Fenton Kelley
Member (Production Section):Tim Inglehart
Member (Production Section):Kenneth Deutscher

Union Trustees

Trustee:Scott Jones
Trustee:Ben Unsworth
Trustee:Joseph Ponsart
Trustee:Bill Park

Sheet Metal Workers Defence Fund
Roofers Defence Fund
Production Workers Defence Fund

See:Jim Paquette
Jud Martell

Sheet Metal Workers Joint Conference Board &
Sheet Metal Workers Joint Adjustment Board

Jim PaquetteKevin Taylor (City Sheet Metal)
Troy ClutcheyRon Bui (Austin Sheet Metal)
Paul DanielsPhil McDonald (Summit Sheet Metal)
Richard MangelsdorfMark McLaren (Ridge Sheet Metal)
Mike Davis (Samson Metals)
Bruce Sychuk (SMACNA-BC)

Roofers Joint Conference Board (CLR) &
Roofers Joint Adjustment Board (CLR)

Vern Henderson
Ron Lacey

Vancouver, New Westminster & District Building and Construction Trades Council

Delegate: 2020Richard Mangelsdorf
Delegate: 2020Derek Robinson
Delegate: 2020Casey McGuire
Delegate: 2020Joseph Ponsart

Vancouver & District Labour Council

Delegate:Jim Paquette

Sheet Metal Workers’ Canadian Council

As per pre-Convention Meeting decision. The same applies to Sheet Metal Workers’ Western Conference.

B.C. & Yukon Building Trades Council Delegates

As per pre-Convention General Meeting decision.

Tri-Craft Holdings – Board Of Directors

Secretary-Treasurer:Jim Paquette
Director:Jud Martell

Local 280 Promotion Fund Committee


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